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Sounds likeEvil Nine, Felix Da Housecat, Justin Robertson, Propellerheads
LocationLos Angeles

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Modern Delinquents is an electronic music collective hailing from Los Angeles, CA. Whilst music in one form or fashion has been a prevalent force throughout the lives of the members, it wasn’t until this past year in which the idea of producing and releasing content was put into play.

When asked, the members said that the only defining mechanism of what would be released was that they wouldn’t be defined by one specific genre and would release whatever music they felt was release worthy. Having just started a cycle of continuous releases scheduled to be released over the next calendar year, the the goal of releasing music which was fun and not taken so seriously.

“When we write music, the end goal and test of measure is nothing more than at the end of a fun night out with your mates, if this song would want to make you slap two paper plates in front of your face.”

The influences are wide and deep and the ideas of which surface seem to be definitely tongue and cheek, however, why they do take the stand of making music not to be taken seriously, they are nothing but serious when it comes to the execution of their craft. The group admits that their obsession has kept them away from life's other tasks for extended periods of time but claim it’s the obsession for that perfect sound that ties everything together.

Having just secured a global distribution deal which delivers their sounds to a vast global audience, combined with the social media following that has been acquired over the past several years, they are primed to push things forward. For these older young souls, what seemed to exist was a purpose to rescind back in time where music was formed and defined by geographic sub cultures.It's the idea, the idea that something or anything could be spawned from nothing, a doctrine in which the group has lived by throughout their lives!

When asked how long they envision themselves producing and releasing music, the answer was fast and immediate:

“Until we are no longer having fun or the world is out of paper plates!”

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