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A face often seen in the shadows of the Bristol music scene, Mouse has been building for what’s felt like an eternity. Building and cultivating jagged fragments around her until she’s felt ready to stand back and let others view her creation. Eye-catching emeralds, daring scarlets, bright ambers and rich cyans borrowed from all of her eclectic influences decorate the walls of sound that surround her.

“She’s destined to be a star… what’s not to love?” - Tap The Feed

Before finding her love of music production and delving into the world of pop and hip-hop, Scottish-raised Mouse grew up on a mixture of emo, math-rock and heavy metal. This unusual concoction allows Mouse to have one of the most distinct styles heard by a young artist. Her performing career has spanned near enough her entire life. Mouse has got a story to tell, whether it’s being performed on academy stages, tiny pubs or supporting Dua Lipa. Having written songs since the age of 8, there’s a charming purity and refreshing honesty that shimmers through her lyrics, often tackling topics in a way that no other can. Make no mistake though, she has wisdom and experience beyond her years and small stature. People are starting to notice too, after Mouse was selected for Naughty Boy and Carla Marie Williams' Girls I Rate event in 2018.

The sonic mosaic she’s created can sometimes be dark in colour due to her convoluted past; but when the sunlight shines on the technicolour tiles, the reflection is breath-taking.

“We’re predicting big things” - KALTBLUT Magazine

Championed by BBC Introducing in The West, it's hard to believe Mouse has only released a debut single. She does it all: press, marketing, artist direction, songwriting, production and videography. The world she's created around her is entirely how she wants it, and she's inviting you in. Sam Bonham and Rich Pitt of BBC Introducing are right, Mouse has got a lot up her little sleeves and 2019 really is set to be her year. You won't want to miss out.

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