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In a country where a long tradition of cultural exchange has​ ​resulted in multiple pioneering musical acts in the past, innovation​ ​and fusion are the key words in the underground scene.​ ​Mundaka may have started out as a jam between friends back in​ ​2010 but today it is one of the main bands responsible for​ putting Peru in the spotlight and ​making it an epicenter for new indie music in Latin America.

Gathering influences from 80s new wave and post-punk, Mundaka​ ​develops carefully crafted pop songs with atmospheric​ ​landscapes lightly placed over a solid rhythmic section creating what​ ​is known as “Dream Surf”. Their unique experimentation gained​ ​them the spot supporting Mac DeMarco in Lima in front of an​ ​audience of over 1000 people and was perfectly channeled in their debut​ ​album released in 2016, ”Sonata Tropical del Ártico”. The album was premiered by Noisey and chosen by several national and international media outlets and critics as one of​ ​the best South American albums of 2016.

With their first international performance this year at​ ​SXSW and having played next to renown acts such as El Ultimo Vecino (Spain), Catfish (France) and Cali y el Dandee (Colombia), Mundaka​ ​is ready​ ​to take their​ ​soothing Peruvian indie to conquer new horizons.

"I think my other big highlight, my biggest discovery of the first two days was a band from Lima, Peru, a quartet called Mundaka, who were crossing early 60's instrumental surf music with The Feelies" (Jim DeRogatis - Sound Opinions)

“An atmospheric sound that is both fresh and nostalgic.” (Noisey)

"Mundaka is the Peruvian indie/dream pop band of the moment. Their first full-length album, Sonata Tropical del Ártico released in 2016, was regarded by many critics as the best indie album of the year. Think: surf riffs with a reggae feel and a singer who sounds uncannily like Morrissey" (The Culture Trip)

“Dream pop surf rock band, like Morrissey meets Sublime in San Bartolo Beach” (Beehype)

"A formidable rhythmic section, dynamic and precise, at times reminiscent of Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke from The Smiths, although with unexpected intense outbreaks that the Manchester two didn’t have.” (Estereofonia)

“Mundaka’s sound is strong without being aggressive. It combines surf rock, shoegaze, jangle pop, indie and dream pop. It’s a unique style that also gathers rhythmic elements from other styles such as jazz and reggae” (NoesFM)

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Address Huancayo, Junín, Perú,
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