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This pair have a unique vibe to them - a really impressive combination of styles

Before the universe brought them together, Mvngo & Lashes individually both lived and breathed music from a very young age. This East London duo met in college six years ago, and it was then that their solo music dreams became a joint one. These ladies spent all their evenings after college rehearsing songs together. They would song write and rehearse each project to perfection, until it was at a level that they could present it to an audience. The moment they were given an opportunity to be on stage, the blew everyone away, and it was at that moment when they promised each other to dedicate their careers to music.

These soulful, hip-hop and R&B influenced young ladies have a lot to offer the music industry with their unique, 'old skool meets new skool' sound, and they're completely dedicated to work smart and hard until they reach the top. They believe in music that teaches people something, and music that people can vibe to, and their biggest goal is to spread these messages together, all over the world.

Mvngo is predominantly the singer in the group, and Lashes is predominately the rapper, but they both switch between singing and rapping throughout their material. Personality wise, Lashes is generally much more outgoing and adventurous, especially when it comes to style and trying new things, but Mvngo on the other hand - well, let's just say she likes what she likes lol. Being in a group brings out the best in both of them, and this dynamic duo are bubbly, super fun to be around, GORGEOUS and full of wise words.

It's really important to the girls to break in their hometown of London, United Kingdom before they take make any moves abroad, but they definitely do have hopes of collaborating with a few international artists in the future.

Although the ladies are very unique, they are admittedly influenced by the era, sound and lyrical abilities of Monica, Brandy, Faith Evans, Missy, Lauren Hill, Teedra Moses, Biggie, DMX, Whitney Houston, TLC, Ja Rule, Mya, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Foxy Brown, Eryka Badu, Jay Z and Tupac.

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