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Alternative rock from Wonderland!

We are a 3-piece Alternative Rock band from North London, UK. The band
was launched in 2016, we released 2 singles on soundcloud in 2016, and
while playing numerous shows across the UK, we're currently recording
our debut EP F.U.U.(Fluffy Unicorn United).

In 2016, we released 2 singles, Brainsane and iWonder. Recorded at The
Secret Warehouse Of Sound (LA Salami, The Stags) by Murillo Squillaro,
produced by Murillo Squillaro and Neverlanded and mastered by Pete Maher
(Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, U2, The Rolling Stones and many others)

We're currently recording our debut EP F.U.U. at
Hermitage Works Studios with producer Margo Broom (Arrows of Love,
Yassassin, Calva Louise and others)

Our songs are a diary of our experiences on life and death, mental
health issues, homelessness, war, refugees, and other issues we've been

Dark lyrics, heavy guitars, groovy rythm section, headbanging, sweat and
electricity are the elements we provide on our shows.

Our sound on our debut EP FUU is influenced by bands like Placebo, L7, Hole,
Silverchair, Garbage, Nirvana, Cranberries, Pixies and Refused.

"The band started by Pete Bloom, who quit his job as an accountant to start a band. Relocated to
London, and after several changes on the line up of Neverlanded he met
Tony Piero, a left handed guitarist who started playing bass guitar for
Neverlanded. Neverlanded promoted/booked a few bands while they couldn't
book gigs for themselves as they didn't have a drummer until they met Manon Barne who "
moved to London to work as a nurse."

Visit our website www.neverlanded.com to find links to youtube, soundcloud, facebook and instagram.

We're proud for being in touch with ALL of our fans :D

Our abition is to join forces with as many artists on stage and ALL OF
YOU off stage, raising awareness about issues that cripple our society.
Following a "United we stand, Divided we fall" ethos, we stand by anyone
out there who suffers any sort of abuse or illness. Together we can
spread equality on this planet. No matter your skin color,
religious beliefs, gender, weight etc we all smile the same :)

Health, Love and Light

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