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Sounds likeNeon Trees, The Strokes, Smoking Popes getting their Morrissey on

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New Chums are:
Seth Boyack - vocals/guitar
Ben Hedlund - drums
Matt Lloyd - guitar
Cassandra Clark -bass

Emerging from Phoenix, AZ, the recently transformed indie rock band, New Chums, released their EP "See It For Myself" on October 6th, 2017 and it's bright, sunny California vibe is making waves in the music scene. Likened to bands like The Strokes, Neon Trees, and Jimmy Eat World, the Chums really know how to bring big guitars, catchy choruses, and sparkle to every beat. The foursome includes:
Vocals/Guitar-Seth Boyack: A California native who not only fronts the band with energy and style, Seth's the man behind the melodies that you won't be able to get out of your head for days.
Drums-Ben Hedlund: Straight outta Boston with plenty of talent and previous recording/touring experience, Ben provides the heartbeat to the music-the kind that'll leave you wanting more... and more.
Lead Guitar-Matt Lloyd: Recently coming off tour as a hired guitarist from Nashville, Matt's expertise and his creative/catchy hooks (played to perfection every time) add a new bite and excitement to the overall sound.
Bass-Cassandra Clark: A girl from Michigan who can really play bass, Cassandra rocks a solid foundation of the low end and provides that steady rhythm and vibe you can't help but dance to.
As the release of "See It For Yourself" has garnered great press already, New Chums will ride the wave of success by hitting the road in the US and abroad. Follow New Chums at www.facebook.com/newchumsband and see it for yourself; they're an indie rock band with edge. Like sunglasses melted.

‘New Chums are doing what they’ve always done best: hook-heavy power pop.’ –Mitch Hillman, Java Magazine, October 2017

‘Starting a song with a stutter is always a win for a power-pop record. Having the band hold off until the singer’s finished stuttering could get you bonus points. And that’s exactly how this record starts. “G-g-g-goin’ downtown,” with the band crashing in on the fourth “g.” Brilliant.’ –Ed Masley, AZ Central, September 14th, 2017.

‘The See It For Myself EP, which came out earlier this month, is as energetic as it is expansive. It drives relentless riffs over fast-paced drums and anthemic melodies, encapsulating the forever summer the band found by making Arizona home base.’-Ashley Harris, Phoenix New Times, October 25th, 2017

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