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Sounds likeArctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Beatles
LocationBuenos Aires

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After the success of “The Bessie Love Experience” in 2012 Fraco, Fer and Joaco begun a new project called Ninjas In The Bedroom. The band was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and at first were those three gentlemen until Vicu, member of Duo Microcentro, joined the band. With her also came Bauty Kenny on the drums. For two years the band consisted of Fer in the bass guitar, El Fraco in the rhythm guitar, Joaco in the lead guitar, Vicu singing and Bauty on the drums. With rock in their veins, they smashed a full Libario in Buenos Aires in August of 2012 stopping the band for a while. After a few months Bauty and Vicu left the band leaving the three original members alone. Considered as a cult band, now our favourite Ninjas didn’t have a drummer or a singer. With influences like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, El Fraco Solista and The Who, these three musicians didn’t give up and continue playing together but without a certain goal. It was in 2017, after a massive trip to UK where the band and the manager went to Liverpool (original place of The Beatles), Sheffield (birthplace of Arctic Monkeys), Glasgow, Manchester, Edimburgh, Cardiff and London when they wrote two hits, without anyone expecting it they launched Salamandra and Experta, two massive hits in South America with lots of fans in Argentina and specially Peru. That trip to UK was the push they needed. The difference between this band and other emerging artists in the UK right now, is that the Ninjas have a polished but brute energy which is characteristic in the band. At the moment the band is working in great new stuff, which they cannot anticipate much but it is guaranteed that something big is coming. With the comeback of Bauty on the drums the band is complete again. Although Joaco is going to Italy for 6 months to search new influences and sounds, the band is stronger than ever. Here are some facts that you might like about the band:
Fernando once said that the first song he remembers hearing was Hey Jude by The Beatles, one of Fraco’s favourite band.
Fraco says that he doesn’t like karaokes but he would definitely join Fernando with Tiny Dancer from Elton John.
Although here is written Fraco, his real name is El Fraco.
The first gig Fernando went in his life was Oasis in River Plate stadium.
Fraco says that the song he wish he had written is Bohemian Rhapsody.
The song that changed Fernando’s life is Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson.
Fraco wish that the song that sounds in his funeral is In My Life from The Beatles, but we all know that Fraco is inmortal, so…
Joaco is obsessed with Out Of The Black from Royal Blood at the moment, the fact that they are only a bass and a drum is surprising and astonishing.
The first album Fernando bought was Nevermind from Nirvana.
The song that made Joaco play the guitar was From The Ritz To The Rubble, he learned how to play it only watching Alex Turner playing it in live videos.

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