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Sounds likeArctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Madness, Kaiser Chiefs, Some punk

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We are a new band from South London playing loud, energetic, punky yet melodic indie music. We are all about playing live music to like minded people in a time where music is mostly written on laptops. The music is about having a good time and asking questions about how it feels to be in your mid twenties and grinding through work everyday.
We take a lot of influence from the britpop days, punk, early 2000's indie, amongst other genres of music. We don't just play standard generic indie, it ranges so much, and even in the guitar solos there is a big Slash influence which gives it yet another angle. The vocals are shouty in a punky style but incorporate a lot of melody into the hooks in the chorus and other sections.
We are very different yet sound familiar with every song exploring different areas of music we all listen to then coming together in the middle to give that One-Eyed Disco sound.

We are looking to get involved with more festivals and live opportunities supporting more established bands as we know the music works so well in those type of situations.

We are a 4 piece made up of:

Ben (Vocals and guitar)
Josh (Guitar and backing vocals)
Sam (Bass and backing vocals)
Benedict (Drums and backing vocals)

The name originates from the singer Ben. He had an eye injury a few years back which caused a reoccurring problem (now has been fixed fingers crossed) where a football few into his eye. That's the "One-Eyed" bit. The Disco bit came from when he was playing darts at the pub and apparently his throw was so stupid he looked like he was dancing, so he got the name Disco with his friends. So there you have it, the embaressing reasoning behind the name!

We are all working musicians and decided to get together and start having fun playing music we wanted to play.

Our fan base generally is 18 to late 20's because of the Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian influence it taps into that market but do have fans of all ages.

So if you are into guitar driven Indie with a lot of attitude and big vocal hooks you have come to the right place!


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Date Saturday 2 November 2019 at 21:00
Address Spice of Life, Romilly Street, London, UK, W1D 5AN

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