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OYA is an epic band steeped influenced by contemporary rock, pop and world music.

Musicians of the band have spent most of their careers playing other people's songs. They played at private parties, in the best symphonic halls and at sold-out hockey stadiums in Russia and abroad. After 4 years of traveling fathers founders of the band Elena Luchina (vocals) and Vladimir Shalnev (bass) decided to establish their own band with the sole objective to create the music that embodies their passion and play exactly what they want to play.

OYA make music different from all other songs that sound everywhere. We do experiment with number of rather unconventional instruments for rock and pop music including harp and vibraphone in the recording of the songs. And you could hear world music, jazz-fusion and dubstep influences in our tunes. We don't think we ultimately know what we prefer: verse-chorus forms or complex symphony forms, electronic music sound or string quartet and grand piano, 3 note chords or dissonant prog rock and jazz/fusion chords. That is why we try to combine all of the mentioned elements. Now we work on our debut album. OYA is a wonderful blend of five great musicians from five different worlds meeting in the middle to create something new and fresh.

The very first OYA song "Like a Diamond" was highly appreciated by musicians and radio DJs from Europe and North America. More than 30 radio stations of the UK, The Netherlands, France, USA and Canada have included this track into the rotation.

We made the second single of OYA based on the poem Don't Leave Your Room by Joseph Brodsky more conceptual than the first one. We used harp and vibraphone in the recording of the song. And you could hear afro-cuban music influences in this song. This track was included into the rotation, too. We recorded the second version of this song in the end of December 2018 with symphony orchestra. We have recorded rock band and orchestra. Now all that is left is to record vocal, and we are done.

The third song of OYA "Hold the Door" is a sort of mix of hard rock and Rihanna live performaces

With an exciting and engaging stage show, OYA has quickly become one of St.Petersburg' most captivating rock bands.

There may be a lot of rock bands out there, but there is only one "OYA"

Elena Luchina - vox
Vladimir Shalnev - bass
Sergei Safonov - guitars
Artem Panteleev - keys
Yuri Andreev - drums

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Date Wednesday 27 February 2019 at 14:10
Address St Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург, Россия, 199106

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