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3 piece boy band, 3 ring circus. We're a post punk/ alternative rock outfit outta Minneapolis, MN USA. Our lead singer is a non binary femme from Appalachia. We all worshiped Nirvana in our teens and now here we are making some sort of pop grunge in 2018. But the 90s are really hot now so its cool. PARTITION is a summation of trash, glory, glitter, heartbreak and a cynical point of view. Inspirations land everywhere from Courtney Love to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Maybe a unifying theme of our influences is a blunt, dark confessionalist tone.

We have a five song demo/EP out right now. The opener is Drugstore Anthem, an alternative rock love note to being young and feeling like the world is caving in and finding something to keep you going. If you listen to the song it probably won't sound that sentimental but its a good tune.

The next song is Prodigal Gun, the namesake of the EP. This is a song full of punchy word play meant to poke fun a people's assumption and prejudice. It's almost sonically a Pixies rip off but I think we got away with it. I guess we'll find out.

His Weak Arm, the third track, really sets the tone of the EP by incorporating all the themes that the band is trying to highlight in this collection of songs and our upcoming debut album: Heroin and Heartbreak. It is an ironic interpretation of the domestic abuse that our lead singer endured by their addict ex partner. Using "weak arm" as a play on words referring to his violence and his habit.

The following track, Why Did He Lie?, is a follow up to His Weak Arm. It continues the story of our lead singer's past where they got further into their addiction and stayed in their toxic relationship. The song specifically covers our singers feelings about their first overdose and why they weren't enough for their ex to quit heroin. Despite the negative description the song is a heavy bangerr.

Freudian Slip closes the EP. Its an intense, fast dark punk tune with a bit of a surfy edge. The thematics of the song are about our singer's childhood with divorced parents with random unrelated literature (mainly Lydia Lunch) references.

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