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Sounds likeAlt-J, Portugal.The Man, James Blake, Yeasayer and Moderat.

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'Music that is as perfect as it is unorthodox' - Bristol Live Mag

We are Alex, Ben and Benjamin three “sonic chameleons" from Exeter in Devon, creating music, imagery and moving visuals that trigger tears and dance, sometimes simultaneously.

Like our favourite artists; James Blake, Tame Impala, Bon Iver, Alt-J and Moderat we endeavour to find lost and unheard sounds to weave into our compositions, through our inspirations we strive to forge a new sound. Pattern Pusher goes further than music and embrace all aspects of art to express ourselves and the live performance is b
no exception. We believe in the DIY ethos and collaborate with other local creatives.

We are constantly creating and discovering new things, our latest track named 'Light' is the first of a stream of singles to be released in 2018.

Alex used to run a Jam night at a club in Exeter named Timepiece (TP), the last three woman in England where tried and later executed here for using witchcraft in the 1600s, it was also to be the place our trio would arise. After jamming on a drum kit with holes and a 3 string bass guitar the band was born.

Our first show took place in a pub that was believed to be JK Rowling's inspiration for the Leaky Cauldron, she recently proclaimed she'd "never been to the pub in her life". We began with a traditional setup but began to bend the classic adding vocal effects, samplers, and synths, convenient as the stage was as small as your nan’s closet.

A year in we took a leap up to Exeter’s biggest stage - The Phoenix. We promoted a show “Pattern Pusher Presents” and with the help of some close bands made a successful night. A year on and everything becomes techni-coloured. We met a visual dreamer named Gina (Vanilla Visuals) at Altitude Festival and through her help created a fully immersive live show with a floating, melting, bouncing, running cube. That, my friends, is the show you will see today.

We have be filling 2018 with scheduled music releases, festival appearances and our own shows. We are always working on more music and projects so you can always expect something new from Pattern Pusher.

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Date Friday 23 February 2018 at 12:42
Address The Dartmouth Inn, Warland, Totnes, UK, TQ9 5EL
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