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Tell us a bit about yourself ? Paul Nilson Junior : I am 22 years old, from Liverpool , working 7 days a week for a children's charity in the Heart & Soul of Liverpool , "Team OASIS" whist keeping up with my 2nd Love Film making . My first love is Music , and currently finishing off an Album "KiK" Under the brilliant Production and Management Group "TRUST" www.trustkik.com the team have played and worked with some of the biggest on the planet , from Courtney Love , to Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Van Morison to name a few. I must be ok as they really believe in me , I am Honoured ! The Album"KiK" has gone to mastering , and currently I am preparing for a music video shoot.Jonty one of the writers/ managers who has been the drive from the start,we are getting prepared for "BANG" Album Nos2! so my pen is out and guitar and piano at the ready. already Two of the tracks "Tears & Super Hero" from first album "KiK" have been put forward to major Movie companies . it has been a brilliant ride so far and it can Only get better .. Iam in Pre-Production for my first ever show in March 2018 "NERVOUS AS HELL" with some amazing Musicians full on show backing singers/ string section/ brass section and live piano, we are putting on a brilliant show and again this is lots and lots of hard work . I Know the management company TRUST are looking at getting a Label & Publisher along with a promoter on board ASAP...... Thanks PNJ

There are a lot of emerging artists in the UK right now. What sets you apart from the rest? Once you have listened to the tracks , it will be a lot easier for you to see why It is completely off the wall and Nothing like this has come out of the UK for a long, long time , this ALBUM "KiK" has taken many - many months of making a lot of long days in Big tone studios in Manchester and various other studios and writing studios in Liverpool and then being mixed in L.A. You will instantly see the UK/USA Flavour working to get you on your feet .

What’s your back-story? Super Hero : fed up of the guys with the flash cars stealing the girls , and most of them are really not someone you would introduce to your Ma & Pa so Superhero is about battling all the villains to win my place in your heart.....then Girls : about girls and how My Mother didn't tell me they could be as equally devious as men, great dance track!, A mash up master that was signed to MTV is currently in the throws of doing a supa duppa DANCE MIX of "Girls" cant wait ......" Now I'M Here": Christmas Hit , beautiful song to listen whilst snuggling with the one you love. "Slow lo" : Really C'mon! Bout time we humans got it together to save the planet and the Dolphins, Incidentally an Animated movie of this is in the process and should be able to add to the videos within...."Tears": relates to all clubbers, after a great night out with a new girl/boy friend you realise that the novelty and nicety has worn off and the jealousy creeps in,classic line ! "So your sitting in the back seat mad at me" and finally off the Ep ,"With U Again": A kinda of Curtis Mayfield feel, you know sitting in the car on a summer's day feeling chilled and this track comes on , and when winter comes around you play the track and you feel warm ... really cool a guy from Philly (Philadelphia) was over in November 2016 Jonty had done an American tour with him back in the 90's and he came up with the warm feeling grooving rhythm Nick Panteleimonow alias "THE FRENCHMAN" got the session down, the Philly guy, "Kaya Pryor", Jonty grabbed this and got on it right away and added and then when I added it was an instant loveable likeable song, this then goes Off to the USA with our L.A crew Octavia and Co and the mixes come back with a brilliant new and upcoming UK/USA crossover, then ready to go to mastering with loftmastering.com a genius in the team at bringing a real playable track to any platform .. Our logo and web team, cannot forget to mention, they have been top notch from the start Amalia & Eric, Eric of Autonomous Rhinoceros (what a great name )Also part of the Management, edited the video below and designed the Logo, along with Amalia, getting the brilliant web site up. ripple&flow

What are you working on at the moment? The Team Trust Music Management Group and myself are working on a video shoot, and Pre -Production Steve Read a major figure in the filmmaking industry, who has just completed two amazing Documentaries "ANDROID IN LA LA LAND" and "SUMMER OF 67" has put himself forward to make a music video of the track "Super Hero" whilst another local Liverpool film Company want to shoot "Tears" which is the latest track everyone is raving about Quote: " Defo for the next "007" Movie" (Defo short for Definitely ) I really wish a Label would get in touch soon as it's getting difficult juggling long hours 7 days a week to pay the Bills, but perseverance and hard work never hurt anyone , I know in my gut I am going to make it , and I won't stop until I have . the 3 short promo tracks
on the music link below have been taken off the video trustkik promo, as we are awaiting for the album to come back from mastering before we decide which of the songs we are releasing as a single, very difficult when you have to choose from 5 . I know we are going to have a number 1 .

What's the first song you remember hearing? THE TRAMPS "HOLD BACK THE NIGHT"

You're in a Karaoke Bar - What's your go to song? BLACKSTREET - NO - DIGGITY

What was the first gig you went to? ALTER BRIDGE - Edwin mcCain Fell in Love with that song I'LL Be

Which song do you wish you'd written? Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

Which song changed your life? I'LL Be - EDWIN McCAIN

Which song would you like played at your funeral? ALL MY LIFE - KCI &JOJO

What song is stuck in your head right now?STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN - BRUNO MARS

What was the first Album you bought? MICHAEL JACKSON -BAD

Which song made you want to play music? JOHN LEGEND - ORDINARY PEOPLE

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