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pawncapture was born when best mates Dean Ince and Andy Beck decided to make alternative music inspired by a shared love of Biffy Clyro’s third album Infinity Land.

In late 2016, pawncapture started recording their first EP in Dean’s home studio, with their first live shows following a few months later in early 2017. As a live band pawncapture perform as a two-piece with Dean on vocal and guitar duties and Andy performing drums and backing vocals. Musically the band use lots of delays and time signature changes to complement the very personal lyrical content.

In October 2017 the band’s first EP Untitled was released and features four songs - ‘Sea Creature’, ‘Trial and Error’, ‘Sertraline’ and ‘The Horses’.

Sea Creature refers in part to the name of a local music publication that has a reputation for putting down the local music scene in order to boost their egos. The song is a big ‘screw you’ to such people and is based on the principle of ‘if you don’t have anything meaningful to say, keep your mouth shut’.

Both ‘Trial and Error’ and ‘Sertraline’ are both about Dean’s struggle with mental health and are lyrically incredibly personal songs. ‘Sertraline’ is named after the medication of the same name. The message behind these songs is one of being able to conquer your demons, no matter how lousy you feel - there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Last track ‘The Horses’ is a gentle nod to Leeds band Pulled Apart By Horses - one of the lads’ favourite bands. The song specifically refers to a gig at The Electric Ballroom in Camden in 2012 and ties in lyrics about long lasting friendships and the good side of watching live music. Musically the song starts off with only vocals and an acoustic guitar, but explodes in to life when you least expect it, giving the listener a loud conclusion to the EP.

Dean and Andy have been making music together for years - naturally this results in really intimate and organic live shows as well as tight and intricate musicianship.

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