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Hi , my name is Andrew McFarlane and I am a Belfast born and bred 40 something or other with a passion for music. I have been classically trained in Piano , Violin and Cello at primary and secondary level schools as a extra curricular activity ,
I took up guitar outside of school and played in a band with a few school friends.
It didn't last , though it did spark in me the enjoyment of performing in a band as opposed to an orchestral arrangement , which I really enjoyed in my youth.
I suppose I always liked creating my own sound with the instruments to hand , and will give most things a go , apart from woodwind instruments. I am a smoker.
As a home recording artist I have written five albums to date. Footprints , Pictures Of Marian , Moult , All Sorted , B Side.

Currently working on Electronic Dance Music for an E.P called Solaris.
Pictures of Marian and Footprints are my two favourite albums that I have produced and have been working on a live set from the two of them.

I have a compact studio consisting of :
Zoom RT 323 , GEM S3 Turbo , and a Zoom G7 foot-board.
Two Stagg branded guitars complement the rig.
To be honest this is the most I have typed / written in years and am finding it difficult to fulfil the 350 word count minimum , however plough on.

Inspired by , to name a few ; U2 , Mike Oldfield , Vangelis , William Orbit , Pearl Jam , Depeche Mode , Enigma , Dire Straits
The list of artists I like to listen to is extensive and I won't bore you with any more examples , hopefully you catch my drift. I intentionally leave the music without vocals , letting the listener make up their own mind what the words should be.

I have no idea where I get my inspiration for the track names from.
if I typed blah a lot it would fill the space left.
I hope you enjoy my music , sound and vibe.
blah :)

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