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London based Phoebe Coco is looking forward to upcoming releases with Sharp Attack Records where she invites the listener to step inside her unique world of sound and music, lilting lyrics and mesmerising hooks in a whirlpool of voice, piano and electronica.

Phoebe Coco graduated in Music & Visual Arts from Brighton’s esteemed Art University, with an impressive alumni of artists; Bat For Lashes, Metronomy, Dream Wife. She has worked as songwriter and composer with experimental sound collective Breathing Space Collective and scored soundtracks for Universal pictures, Vogue, alongside other commercials.

From riding horses in the wild forests of Provence to waking up in the unknown morning of London after nights out, her songs give a call to the wild creatures within us.

The songs on this album were written and played through long nights on the piano in her mother's house, joined by the voices of her sisters, Grace and Dorothy, who feature throughout the album. Friendships and raw romantic love are integral elements that shine through through the ethereal production; there is a softness to Phoebe’s intimate storytelling.

This whole album hints of a different age, and explores the place between where the veils grow thin; between humanity and nature, loves and solitary moments, day dreams and night musings all sung straight from the heart.

‘Full of creativity, beauty, charm and character she is an artist of many mediums’

‘A sense of being slightly unsettled but utterly intoxicated at the same time'
Adam Watson BBC Introducing ..

'Melding her understated vocals with flowing modern classical / pop piano lines, Phoebe’s sound is reminiscent of Regina Spektor or Tori Amos.

Hardly raising her voice from a conspiratorial, conversation volume, she invites you into her world of wild horses, diverted and sabotaged youth.

Soulful insights are served up with subtly shifting dynamics. Alternating between whimsical, mature confidence and childlike fragility. Drama and tension come from soft, deep electronic pulses, delayed vocals, and a semi permanent yet subtle, reverberant ether (she tells us later that this is her Sister’s voices).
Stars Collide stands out as a delightfully musical piece, knitting together Phillip Glass style piano interludes with a Western movie style whistle. It would sit very neatly into film score, or samples adopted into TV or adverts.

Phoebe's musical world is positioned somewhere between Electro-pop and whimsical alternative folk, whilst her writing is captivated by the raw magnetism of nature, and a will for freedom from the pristine demands of modern life. Gently pulsing, conspirational and affecting.'
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