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Polar Station is a four-piece band formed at the end of 2012 in Italy. Their music is based on traditional instruments as well as synthesizers and electronic devices, placing their performance somewhere in between an indie-rock concert and an IDM live act.
Silvia is the main singer, which is also her own backing vocalist thanks to harmonizing effects she controls through synthesizers and a pedalboard. The rest of the band plays synthesizers, heavy reverberated guitars, hybrid drums and several sound processors set in order to create the right mood for the songs as they imagined it.

Being asked several times about what is the meaning behind their name, the band struggled managing to create an inspiring story about how they chose it. The truth is that their first rehearsal room had no heating system and was as cold AF. According to this fact, further options were Polar Bears, Inuit, Old Glaciers or the Igloos.

In 2013, after taking a decision about their arctic-fashioned name, the band spent some months rehearsing and writing songs. Without having performed their first gig yet, they recorded and published a two-songs demo on Soundcloud getting attention from several webzine such as Crackintheroad (UK), being compared to the sound of XX, Foals and Likke Li.

In September 2014 Rolling Stone Italy and Dr. Martens chose them for their campaign "Standforsomething", receiving a full production of two EPs, both live and studio, containing 3 songs each.
Thanks to this campaign, Polar Station also performed in Milan and at Dr. Martens event in the centre of Rome.

On the 19th of October 2014 the band published their first EP entitled "Boondocks", available on Spotify and printed in 100 hand numbered copies. Right after that, on January 2015 their second EP #StandForSomething was published by Rolling Stone Magazine, which gave them good exposure which allowed them to playing more than 30 gigs as main act and several support act for major artists.

After playing gigs in Italy and Norway in 2015 and 2016, the band wrote and recorded their first LP which is planned to be released in 2018.

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Date Friday 17 November 2017 at 22:14
Address Officine Utopia, Via Anime Sante, Ceccano, FR, Italia, 03023
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