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I am an artist from Manchester, UK but currently live in Leeds, UK for University. At University, I study Music Production which helps me to produce my own music. Started making music a few years ago and everything I make is made in my bedroom by myself. I have my friend CSHARP mix and master all of my music for me. I mostly make Surf Rock music but like to make some electronic and atmospheric stuff as well, such as songs called 'Iona' and 'To Luna' which you can listen to on my 'To Luna' EP.

I am inspired by artists such as Mac DeMarco, Jaws, Enjoy, Swim Deep, Surf Curse, Gus Dapperton, Bane's World, Beach Fossils, Connan Mockasin, Day Wave, Hazel English and many many more as these artists make laid-back and easy-listening music; these songs have a huge feel-good factor to them which I try to emulate within my music. However, I am also inspired by Hip-Hop as well, which plays a big role in my music creation as it sometimes gives me a wider range of ideas for instrumental parts such as drum rhythms.

My first EP 'Beach Weather' most accurately shows to listeners what kind of music I create. It has jangly guitar riffs and involves a lot of feel-good lyrical content, such as the songs 'Surf Baby' (which is my favourite song that I've ever wrote) and the song 'Beach Weather'. You can hear these songs on my 'Beach Weather' EP. These songs were the first songs I created and uploaded to all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

My most recent EP 'Cherry Watermelon Papers' was released on May 31st 2019. I feel that this project has been my best work so far, due to the improvement in song writing, production, instrumentation and many more factors. The lyrical content on this project has been my most honest so far. This is because it shows how I deal with certain aspects of life which are difficult for me, such as relationships and getting through everyday life in general.

I hope you enjoy the tunes.

Big up yourselves xx

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