Sounds likeNirvana, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley, Death From Above 1979, Lightning Bolt

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3-Piece Grunge Rock band expressing a punk attitude through distorted guitar tones, hard hitting drum beats, and sweaty faces. Having played around their hometown of Guildford for a couple of years as well as occasional shows in London, Preacher have moved to Brighton to try and break into the vibrant music scene in that area. They have recently released their first single ‘Forty’ on all available streaming platforms and have a LOT of music planned for the future.
Preacher believe that music isn’t the only thing that goes into creating a band but also image and attitude. They always try and do the unexpected and sometimes the controversial, playing with peoples expectations and having fun with their music.
Preacher also have a keen interest in movies and other art forms (besides the drummer who just likes to hit things). They believe there is a strong correlation between all the art forms and aim to bring them all together. All artwork is done by frontman Ollie Thrower and they hope to direct their own music videos in the future, making them more like short films than anything. They want to appear in their videos in the form of cameos (full Hitchcock style) as the observers, rather than the main focus. Preacher also plan to do album, video game, and movie reviews on their YouTube channel, as well as a podcast. They also plan on doing comic books (using Ollie’s artwork) based around their songs.
Preacher have a very vast music taste, ranging from heavy rock to Sinatra, and see it all as music. If it’s good it’s good. They try to incorporate all genres into their music while still keeping their own sound, which is primarily alternative grunge rock. They feel the way to go for rock music is to take what’s already been done and expand on it. The biggest complement to them is when someone says “I don’t usually like this kind of music, but I like you guys”.
Preachers main goal though is to bring people together with music. It doesn’t matter what your opinions are, what race you are, what religion you believe in, what your sexual preferences are, or what “group” you are put in by society, everyone is welcome. They believe in the individual being the most important thing about human beings, and they hope to share their passion with people around the world.
For any inquires please email info@preacheruk.com

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Date Tuesday 9 October 2018 at 18:00
Address Prince Albert Street, Brighton, UK,

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