Sounds likeSIOUXSIE and the Banshees, Madonna, Depeche Mode
LocationNew York Avenue

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PRIMA PRIMO is a performance art duo comprised of maternal cousins Janet Castel and Stephen Franco. Throughout their musical career they have brought their outlandish stage antics to various rock clubs, galleries, and most notoriously the New Museum. With their "Madonna On A Budget" mentality they have created a visual world that is indescribable amongst the electronica and pop scene. Their live act is filled with large scale puppets, simulated fire, smoke, mirrors, guns, and a lot of liquor bottles. The most common reaction after seeing them perform is "what hallucinogens did I take before this show?"

Their first album, ATTACKS! was a deep dive into a dark synth minimalism that explored cautionary tales and longing. With the singles STRIKE FORCE and THE VICTORIAN the began to etch out a sparse territory that they have been perfecting ever since. For their second record they spent time in Switzerland and Berlin to craft the rock centric ep, EXPATRIA, which featured the single, HEY THIEF. From there they released the one off single MY HANDSOME BEAUTY before releasing their third EP, TROUBLE MAKERZ, which saw them battle out the modern world of art and politics with the singles THE MIRROR and DEATH & HONEY (FLIES). They are currently finishing up their forth record with an expected Spring 2018 release date and subsequent tour.

THEY ARE DANGEROUS LIVE is the theme of their live show, which is bold and theatrical. From small, intimate clubs, to well established museums, they have been most comfortable creating a spectacle that is both high art theatre meets DIY punk electronic. They are currently part of the burgeoning Brooklyn underground music/dance/art scene. Their contributions to this community have made them explore avenues that sonically have had them spill off into instrumental explorations, such as their PLANT OPERA, VOL1 and the dance video single "kin.ship". The future promises to be more experimental with a slew of film score projects and installation propositions.

Tour dreams... PRIMA PRIMO are currently plotting a tour that will get them on the radar of those who currently have no idea who they are so hit them up and plan a show.




Date Thursday 9 November 2017 at 14:00
Address El Cortez, Ingraham Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11206


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