Sounds likeFor fans of: Velvet Underground, The Smiths, Joy Division, Iggy Pop, Editors, Lloyd Cole, The Byrds
LocationWest Midlands

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PUKK are a 2 piece Indie Guitar / Alt. Country outfit from the Midlands, UK.
Joe Chalmers (Vox / Guitar)
Mark Beamson (Drums)

Tracks played by Steve Lamacq, Tom Robinson's BBC6 Mixtape, BBC introducing Shropshire, Introducing West Midlands, Ralph's Indie Show, The Premium Blend Radio Show, Near Perfect Pitch, Your Music Radio, OFI Monday amongst others. It's all steady movement in the right direction.

The name PUKK came from one of Joe's old demo tapes that was labelled 'Pissed Up Karaoke'. Pretty apt if you'd heard the state of that particular tape. From P.U.K, the extra K was installed when the name clashed with a Finnish metal band and a rapper of the same name. To lessen confusion and avoid any legal wrangling the extra K was added at no extra cost to the listener. It also looks way better on the logo. This is why you may come across the original artwork for SUNSHINE KISSES with the band name stated as PUK. We still sound like pissed up karaoke though so we're true to our roots.

New songs are being written for a 2019 release. Our debut album was album of the week on The Premium Blend Radio Show and featured heavily on Near Perfect Pitch.
That was followed by the Crashing EP which was 4 distinctly different sounding songs from very different genres. That's why it was called the Crashing EP as it was a collision of styles. That seemed to be lost on some people. There's a full bore Country song on there called 13. It's got an old Country Johnny Cash type feel to it. It was recorded and mixed to sound old as if run through a tape machine. There's old school Big Beat in the way of Bashful's remix of Off Air, 90's indie rock on Terms and Conditions and some Blues rock on Oldboy.

We're back at the studio in the new year with Gavin Monaghan (Editors, Sherlocks, Kings Of Leon) aiming for an EP release in April. This will be released again on our own Tidy Karma Recordings label.

As late starters, we took inspiration from T-Model Ford who only started playing guitar in his 70's. It's never too late to make some noise.

Keep an ear out.

PUKK, it's almost Punk.

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