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Pullo is an Indonesian Post-Punk band that started since 2016 in Medan, Indonesia. The material of the songs in it tells about the dark side of life in human nature which is wrapped by the atmosphere of 80s. Formed by Rally on (Vocal), Gavin on (Drum) and shortly after they recruited Faiz on (Guitar) and Ranggi on (Bass). The band is influenced by B-Movie, Bauhaus, Nadine Shah, These New Puritans and several different genre bands. The lyrics of the band is in the form of a story, reality, or life history that merged into one. Rally is a mom on this band, he always babble to everything or if something's doesn't sounds right, he's a psycho and a good lad. Gavin is a mock, he always mock the others when we write a song with a tune that annoyed him personally, but he's the main thing on this band, we loved his beats. Ranggi is the calmest ghost person, he's the calmest member of this band, and an easy going fella that always looks shy to everything, we don't know why, Faiz is a lunatic guy, cause mostly of his action was so lunatic, indescribable.. you have to know him better if you want to see he's indescribable acts. A song called " Strained " was the first debut single and released on November 3, 2016 and a year later, we've already released an digital EP Called " Age Of New Life " on August 8, 2017 and will be releasing a limited format cassette this October 31, 2017. We also make a music video of " Rye " that released the same time as the cassette release. We've been playing in so many gigs around this city and most of all, it's a small-gigs, because our city mostly made a small gigs that people loved. We hope our music can be heard all around the world in the future and appreciated by the people all over the world. We try to make the good old days back again when the classic instruments been played all around the world. Now we've been working for the album, 10 songs (probably) and hopefully, it'll be finish on the January 2018.

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