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Sounds likeStevie Wonder, Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd

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/ Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6 Music /
'They sound like they are not trying too hard. There is an effortless quality to what they are making here and that’s what I always look for in music. Not trying too hard just having quality and pure class coming out of everything a band does'

'Its a massive tune, some great riffs and I'm loving the band at the moment' - Chris Berrows pick of the week on Radio Lincolnshire

'Thats nice isn't it' - Alan Raw on Radio Humbeside

'It sounds very much like spy music. I could see this in a soundtrack to a movie with a spy in it about to capture the bad guy or perhaps in a montage of getting ready to fight'

'This song is... interesting to say the least. The guitar progression makes it seem like distorted circus music'

'Good old fashioned rock with blues overtones'

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Coming from Grimsby, Lincolnshire 'Quarter Past Blue' are primarily a rock band that takes the grit, message and snarl of punk rock and mixes it with bluesy female vocals and other elements of jazz and fusion.

Originally starting out as a blues project band after not being able to 'fit in' with any scenes and therefore get as many gigs as their contemporaries.
The outside force was uncontrollable for 'Quarter Past Blue' they could never be a typical blues rock band because it's not the whole picture of who they are. Long time fans of jazz, funk and psychedelic music, these
sounds crept their way back into the songs and became what they are today.

'Although we are fans of all kinds of music we still feel that each track of ours has a sound that is recognizable to itself' says guitarist / singer Karl Joensen 'Our lyrics have taken from punk a kind of social commentary. We massively respect what punk did with '3 chords and the truth and it's something we do acheive to a certain extent but we also like to really rip into our instruments and express ourselves that way. Its hard not to play funky, Drummer Sean Jacklin and bassist Ash Mccue simply cannot play without making people dance and that is one of the key elements to our sound.

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