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Rainmaker are a 4 piece post-punk/shoegaze band hailing from Exeter and are now based in Bristol. Forming through their love of music at college in 2016, they were quickly immersed in the music scenes of Exeter and Plymouth and shortly found themselves dubbed one of BBC Introducing in Devon’s “favourite discoveries of 2017” by presenter James Santer, after gaining airtime and a live session for the BBC supporting their first EP ‘Waning Moods'.

After moving to Bristol with the exterior purpose of going to Uni, Rainmaker were swept up in the hugely influential and growing music scene that bands such as IDLES were pushing forward. Within 3 weeks, they had their first gig and were introduced to George Thornton from Quit Yr Job Records, who sought new and exciting bands to add to his ever growing DIY label. Alongside bands such as Wych Elm and The Shuks, Rainmaker played showcase shows for the label, highlighting their ability to draw a crowd and entice an audience. These shows then led the band to getting noticed by certain promoters, such as 1% of One and Imagine That, who booked the band to play.

One of the highlights though, was when heavyweight gig goer and loved Bristoleon icon Big Jeff came to see their first headline show in January 2018 at The Louisiana. He compared the band to The Cure and was seen doing his iconic drumming along and headbanging to the side of the stage for the whole gig.

They released their 2nd EP ‘Shelly’ via Bristol DIY label Quit Yr Job Records in December 2017, which you can stream on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms online, with limited edition cassettes being made to coincide the release.

Recently they played Dot to Dot Festival, alongside local bands and their influences, such as The Horrors playing too.

They're set to release their latest single in July 2018, with some shows to celebrate the release.

Combining fuzzy riffs, droney vocals, loud drums and melodic basslines, they form an amalgamation of records you might find in a young Dad's attic.

FFO: My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr, Joy Division, The Pixies, The Cure, Peace, Yak

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Date Saturday 2 June 2018 at 18:30
Address We The Curious 3D Planetarium, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol, UK, BS1 5DB
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