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Sounds likeTame Impala, Mac DeMarco, The Buttertones

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What is the Ramona Drive's band biography?:
The origins of Ramona Drive started from a Craigslist ad posted by Sammy (vocals and guitar) looking to start a band. Through mutual tastes in music, she met Chris (guitar), who then introduced Alec (bass) and Eddie (drums), and the cool indie rock band based in Fullerton, CA came to be. As of late January, 2018, the band began playing shows throughout Orange County and Los Angeles with success and are set to release their first EP early this year.

What is their writing process like?:
Their process basically involves each of them bringing a song to the table, and then deciding whether they want to pursue it or not. If they do, they then collectively start working on it with the each of them contributing and inputting their thoughts and ideas into it. Finally, they get this end result of a hopefully good, cohesive, and essentially, "tasty salad"-like song.

Who is Ramona Drive's inspiration?:
Their inspiration varies for the each of them. Sometimes, they can be driven to write a song about something or someone they dealt with to straight-up writing a love song about coffee. It all depends on the situation and the timing, but at the end of the day, the goal for them is to make music that sounds good to them and maybe others too.

What sets Ramona Drive apart from the rest?:
Their goal is to make music that they want to play and others would want to play. They want their music to reach an array of audiences from different genres and have the ability for each listener to like it in their own unique way.

What are they working on at the moment?:
Currently, they are playing shows throughout Orange County and Los Angeles and recording their first EP. They are also working on creating new songs to introduce at their live shows.

Where can people listen to Ramona Drive's music?:
At this time, their music can be found on Soundcloud.

How can you find out when they are playing?:
They regularly update their Facebook and Instagram pages about their upcoming show dates with information regarding it.

How can you contact them about booking?:
You can reach them at ramonadriveband@gmail.com to inquire about booking.

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