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Hailing from Bristol, Tenn., the birthplace to one of the most successful music genres in the world, RiaMarie--née Alex Gibson--has an undeniable passion for creating music that runs as deep as her hometown’s country roots.
To say that singing is in her blood would simply be an understatement; she is a distant relative of the trailblazing Carter Family and the daughter of a singing prodigy who at one point had been associated with musical legends such as the late Whitney Houston and Bob Marley, to name a few.
Growing up, Alex spent her formative years listening to modern icons of soul and pop music like Houston, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Hudson, all of which have undoubtedly influenced her buttery smooth vocal runs and razor-sharp precision as a singer. She is also no stranger to the limelight, having shared a stage with renowned Broadway performers and even making callback upon callback leading up to a filming portion of America’s Got Talent at just 14 years old.
However, it was just last year when RiaMarie, the artist, began to take center stage. “I just knew I had something more to say,” the 21-year-old revealed, regarding a period of time in which she had exclusively recorded covers of popular songs. “I have always loved singing but I really wanted to tap into my artistic side and share a message with people to hopefully leave an impact; to write.”
A smoky, gritty blend of alt-R&B, RiaMarie’s soundscape involves hard-hitting beats anchored by infectious melodies that leave you wanting more. She effortlessly embodies today’s female millennial persona: independent, carefree but not afraid to let you know when she does care and when it’s going to go her way.
Currently, she is hard at work honing in on her songwriting skills and recording buzz singles that will showcase her tenacious sound complemented by her rich vocals, while serving as the blueprint for an EP or album in the near future.
“It’s a process, I’m really taking my time to uncover the many layers of this newfound voice so I can bring authenticity to my sound and what I want people to see in me,” RiaMarie shared. “I’ve come to realize that I have this other voice inside of me that’s really always been there, if I’m being honest. I think she’s recently come to the surface because I’m maturing and growing as a woman, and quite frankly, she has got a lot to say.”
We’re all listening.

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Date Monday 20 May 2019 at 17:59
Address The High Watt, Cannery Row, Nashville, TN, USA, 37203

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