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A really bold and unique track. Love the vocals and production on this group

North london. Rnb/pop. Palm trees. Neon lights. Messy Nights. Endless Summer.

RIZES are a pop/rnb trio from North London.

Formed in July 2015, the Camden trio's sound was born out of the love for 90s R&B and pop music.
It combines the rawness of London party messy nights and the easiness of endless Summer sunsets in sandy beaches.

Fresh Beats 365 said of their first single LOVE: 'RnB and pop are two genres that have been very closely linked in recent years. Finally, after years of flirting, the two genres have been bound together in unity with the latest release from RIZES. The track, entitled LOVE is the glorious birth of the Rhythm and Pop (RnP) movement. Even if that genre doesn’t catch on, this song definitely will. Vibrant vocal deliveries and bouncing synth melodies that open the single, make for something that is upbeat in its own right.
The track is infectiously powerful and perfect for the pre-drinks playlist'.

Their first gig as a band was on the Rising Stage at Roundhouse, June 2016.

Their second single 'HNSY' had its radio debut on BBC Introducing London in April 2017 and was featured on Spotify's playlist 'New Music Mondays'.

They have released an exclusive E.P. on Soundcloud entitled '2016'.
Each track on the EP represents an important chapter of the band's journey and was meant to be released as a single at a certain point in time.
With the evolution of their sound, the tracks didn't make it as a singles and were to be left in the memory box. However, each track seemed too important not to share with the fans and each represents a story and a glimpse into who they are as a band.
They released a track a week each Friday through August - only publicising it on the band's Facebook page.
The tracks 'RIDE', 'Another Love', 'Justin' and 'Be My Man' have gathered around 10k plays in two months.

After taking some time to regroup and perfect their sound, RIZES are back.
New single 'You+Me' will be released November 2017.

Stay tuned on their Facebook and Instagram.

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