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Born at the end of the earth and heading for the centre of the universe. A small town kid all grown up, making his way through this crazy world as best he can. A dreamer of bigger things and better days. Cynical, hypocritical, melodical, lyrical. An avid fan of music, of songs and of songwriting and songwriters. ​Allow me to introduce Rob Phillimore, a singer/songwriter of the country-americana-roots rock persuasion from Cornwall UK.​

In a career spanning almost 15 years and counting, Rob has crafted a vast back catalogue of honest, relatable and memorable songs that have led him to play some of the UK’s most popular venues and festivals, with his music receiving regular airplay on BBC radio and a variety of independent stations.

An accomplished songwriter, an energetic performer and a strong, versatile vocalist: citing Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Del Amitri and R.E.M as his greatest inspirations, whilst also noting the significant impact artists such as Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, Robert Ellis and John Moreland have had on his creative output in more recent years.

​Rob has always looked to write songs that connect, inspire and endure - and he will continue to do so as long as there is air in his lungs, music in his soul and something to sing about.

The past few months have seen two brand new music releases from the Cornish singer/songwriter: 'Same Destination' dropped worldwide on May 25th and was shortly followed by the instrumental track 'Rewind/Rewound'.

"Same Destination" is a two-track e.p of the country rock/roots/americana persuasion, featuring "I Love You ( I Do )" & "Hold On" - it is the 2nd instalment in the series dubbed 'The Forever Anonymous Collection', following on from 2017 release, 'In Case You Didn't Know'. Rewind/Rewound is a step in a different direction and not your typical Rob Phillimore release: an 80's sci-fi/B-movie inspired instrumental; a rework of an composition originally conceived back in 2014.

Both Same Destination and Rewind/Rewound are available to stream and download directly from robphillimore.com and from all major digital music platforms, including Spotify & Apple Music.

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