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Growing up from a rock ‘n’ roll background, playing venues like the “Cigale” in Paris with his former band, Romain took the role of lead singer and guitarist in 5 player band. After a year of music, the band split up, but Romain took interest into production, an interest bequeathed to him by the band's synth player. Romain Trojani's sound evolved into a more modern take on rock ‘n’ roll, blending it with the percussive elements of soundcloud trap and taking inspiration from artists like Gainsbourg. Frenchman by birth right, but growing up in the UK, Romain has always been aware of the duality in his cultural background, and has learned to embrace aspects of both cultures, taking from the English and French to build a style of his own. In 2016, Romain came to the North of the UK to pursue studies in business in Lancaster University, and to get closer to Manchester, a huge hub for new musicians, and a haven for endangered species of rockers. After being selected to participate in an X Factor like show in France, named Audition Secrete, Romain has decided to shift his focus mainly on music, and has dropped out of university to work full time on his sound. 6 months later, his first EP, Femme Fatale, is announced to release Friday the 20th.
The originality of this EP lies in the cultural differences of the people who have assisted in the creation. Usurping riffs from Clapton’s Stratocaster in the songwriting process, writing smooth lyrics in the way of the French songwriters in Femme Fatale, sighing over love like a Parisian in Turn The Page, producing tighter sounding rhythms like the SoundCloud rappers, the EP is a reconciliation of old and new, far and near, here and there…

Romain Trojani is releasing his debut EP, Femme Fatale, the missing link between the surgical beat-making and sampling of Trap, the endearing messiness of Indie Rock and the stubborn insubordination of the French singers of the late Yéyé era. This EP is a handshake, one that binds older indie song-writing with a more modern soundcloud rapper-esque mindset. The release of this EP preludes to Romain's upcoming appearance on the french TV channel "M6" and their new program "Audition Secrete"

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