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Hello everybody! New songs and a new EP will be released in the next few months so now we`ve decided to give you our 2nd EP Billy Rock FOR FREE!

You can listen and download it here

wish you a lovely day!
Matteo - ROOM 56

A twist of Rock`n`Roll infused with Punk attitude played in a Grunge basement.
this would actually be all I`d like to say about ROOM 56 before you listen to one of my songs.
I don`t see why I should bore you with anything but my music.

However, of course, I can`t be this quick,
so I`ll try to entertain you with a few things you probably don`t care about.
First of all, the main question.
Are you a #nuroller?

ROOM 56 is an open project started in 2017. It`s drums and guitars, everything is composed by me (Matteo) and then played with different drummers/guitarist.

This is the NuRoll, a new Rock`n`Roll which has its roots in the Old Days, getting inspired by Elvis, Little Richards and all the classics from that era, including the amazing swing of Frank Sinatra and many others.

I was tired of listening to the same old roll, I love it but I think it`s not up to the times. I grew up listening to Nirvana, Mudhoney but also nu-metal bands like Deftones or electronic stuff such as Massive Attack. Did I mention Jazz? Yes, that too.
I wanted the PunkRock speed for my music, the kind of heaviness of drummers like John Bonham, Dave Grohl and at the same time a certain Old Fashioned mood now and then. Obviously, I love Elvis so each song takes a little bit of inspiration from him too!

ROOM 56 is fast, as I wrote drumming is inspired by Led Zeppelin but also Jesus Lizard at the same time. A lot of Punk attitude is what I really love and feel most of the time. I am a big fan of Mr Steve Albini, I definitely loved Kurt Cobain from the very first time I started listening to some music. I`ve always been fascinated by the RatPack and God knows how many other people/bands/genres are stepping into my songs.

So, this is my idea of a new Rock`n`Roll, I had it from a long time, let`s say even 5-6 years when I was playing with my previous band back in Italy. Please don`t tell Josh Homme I said this but I was a bit disappointed when he came out with all this swing idea of his. I came first hehe!

Uh, I almost forgot.
Sincere Apologies for my bad English.

Put on your dancing shoes.
Play ROOM 56.
Thanks ;)

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