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My name is Rophone. I am an experimental electronic musician who is looking to extend on the successes I have already had (which to date have included performances at some of London's coolest underground venues - The Foundry, the Russian, Purple Turtle, Camden Rocks and The Social, plus, my own fortnightly residencies, named "Electrophone", a night of Electronic Music, in Central London; and ELectRO(North) in Camden; having three ep releases on Cinoci Records as well as a track featured on the cover disc of "Future Music" magazine).

My influences would be everybody from Aphex Twin and Bogdan Raczynski to people like George Clinton and Prince. I am also interested in sounds themselves, especially found sounds, so I regularly record noises around me to incorporate into tracks, either as additional elements, or making up the main structure of the tracks themselves. I like everything from Ambient to Gabba, Techno to Trance, so all of these influences can be hears in my music - as well as some less conventional music styles, such as Horror Soundtracks and Gamelan.

My musical style is genuinely unlike other artists at the moment, as it is based around live electronic music, with jamming elements included. I started making music during my time living in Japan, and this continued into my return to London and decision to mix influences together. I have a complete electronic set-up, and don't rely on laptops, as I believe music sounds best when it comes from machines, not computers!

This experimentation also bleeds into my djing, which is based around a laptop, a controller, along with additional effects, so making it more of a visual experience. I play everything from early hip-hop to electronica to glitch, via avenues such as Japanese Folk, orchestral cut-ups, and the occasional spoken-word track. I am also confident in dj/vjing, and regularly promote my own nights (sometimes along with other collaborators jamming, at other times completely alone - As you can see, I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for my music, I hope some of it similarly interests you! Thanks for reading.

Music category - experimental electronic/dance

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