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Sounds likeJuliana Hatfield, Sheryl Crow, Tegan & Sara
LocationLondon Borough of Enfield

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RoseRed And The Butterflies, aka Lydia Nicolaides is a prolific singer/songwriter from north London Enfield. She pens catchy lyrics and silver tongued melodies that tell stories in a refreshing and original way. With a mixture of realism, fun, quirkiness and sadness, RoseRed’s music can move effortlessly from lightness into dark, and her style crosses a variety of genres, from Folk to Rock; from Country to Reggae. ‘Imagine Mary Poppins on acid’ playing the guitar and dancing like a pixie.

RoseRed released her eagerly awaited debut album ‘Just A Glimmer’ in 2010 an album which she wrote, recorded, produced and funded herself, in-between several years of playing the London gig circuit and which got voted and won the Fatea Magazine debut album of the year 2010 Award.

She has had two of her songs featured in two British Independent Films 'Jesus Versus The Messiah' and 'Chinese Burns'. She has just released her second album New Age Drifter.


“It is impossible to keep a smile off your face while listening to New Age Drifter. The entire album is just full of joyful music to get your foot tapping, and provide a lift to your soul. From the soaring Tickle My Feet, the timely Fire In The Rain, to the beautiful introspection of End Of The Line, this will keep you coming back to listen to it again and again. As soon as it finishes, you just have to press play again… it's the ultimate "just one more listen" album.”

Adam Jenkins
Fatea Magazine

"RoseRed & The Butterflies offers an exuberant addition to the fine singer-songwriter tradition with the joyful “New Age Drifter”. Effortlessly combining folk, pop, and indie rock into a cohesive whole, the songs linger in the mind long after they are over. Full of sundrenched melodies and tender vocals, the songs unfurl to reveal a true knack for storytelling. Songs work together to create a vast tapestry of sound. Instrumentally rich, RoseRed & The Butterflies incorporate a wide variety of textures into the mix from glistening keyboards to tactile banjo playing and everything else in between.

The warm inviting “Rivers Flow” introduces the album utilizing a driving rhythm to great effect, with the soothing singing resting right in the heart of the track. A little bit of the 80s emerges out of the infectious groove of “New Age Drifter”. Rather thoughtful in its deliberate style “Fire In The Rain” opts for a delicate restrained approach. Chamber pop adorns the graceful “Shadow Dance” as the piece comes into bloom with such loveliness. Easily the highlight of the album “Surreal” possesses such a catchy hook and a dreamy quality. Stripped down to the absolute essentials is the minimalism of “True” which at times recalls the quiet thoughtful work of the Marine Girls. Letting a little electro into the mix “Lovers Fools” glides by with great strength. Ending the album on an intimate note “End of The Line” neatly summarizes all that came before it in a most satisfying way.

On “New Age Drifter” RoseRed & The Butterflies delve into a colorful world, one full of possibilities."

New Age Drifter Review by Beach Sloth

“a finely crafted acoustic pop album with an absolutely delightful dreamy vocal...” “an album to set the spirit soaring, uplifting and imaginative” - Fatea Magazine - Just A Glimmer review

"Lydia is an immensly talented singer songwriter. Lets hear more of you!"

Kati Whitaker - BBC Radio 4

“RoseRed is infectious, huggable and loveable but above all, she is a supreme musical talent oozing originality and a certain quality and honesty with the way she delivers her songs. Her own composition, "Divine", is one of those rare tracks which appeals to any audience, and it certainly deserves a place at the top of all music lovers' playlists.”

David Durant
Head of Live & Unsigned Music
Brooklands Radio

"Rosered is a pixie of perfection, writing silver-tongued melodies that you might dance to if you found yourself becharmed in a fairy ring. But listen to the lyrics and find yourself brought gently to earth by a healthy dose of realism. Just don't tell the pixies! Welcome to the world of Rosered."

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