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Founded in late 2018, Saints of Halo are a newly formed new-wave, alternative rock band led by guitarist Luke Boothman and vocalist Sarah Kaarina. Although the two met in halls at the University of Leeds back in 2012 and have been close friends since, they only recently discovered their mutual musical interests. Following a long afternoon of playing along to Muse songs in Sarah's back-garden, Saints of Halo quickly evolved into a fully fledged band, writing and producing their own original music.

Both Luke and Sarah bring very diverse backgrounds to the band, which has contributed to their unique sound. Luke is a self-taught, electric guitarist with a love of playing southern rock and indie rock music, whilst Sarah is a trained classical singer, with an undisputed love of opera. Together, they have found a unique, electric sound which they hope to develop going further with the band. Originally called Baseline Rum, when they realised their sound was a lot darker than the name suggested so the name was changed to Saints of Halo, a joking nod to the former club 'Halo' in Leeds (a staple of their time in Leeds as undergrads). You can listen to live and acoustic versions of some of their original songs on the Saints of Halo Soundcloud page.

Currently, they both have other commitments, as Luke works full-time in Manchester and Sarah is studying for her doctorate in Cambridge. Therefore, any music writing, recording and performing is done in their spare time (and more often than not 200 miles apart). They mostly due this for fun and for a mutual love of music, which means anything they do is on their own dime.

Under the name Baseline Rum, the band's first gig was at the Spinning Top in Stockport opening for some fantastic Manchester bands including, Tongue of Fire, Farfisa, Kringer and the Battle Katz and World Held Hostage. You can listen to recordings of their first live set on Saints of Halo's Soundcloud (link above). They also a few more upcoming gigs in the pipeline in the Leeds/Manchester area, which you can find out about by following their Facebook page.

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Date Saturday 23 March 2019 at 22:30
Address The Primrose, Meanwood Road, Leeds, UK, LS7 2HZ

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