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Samuel Escher is a Poet and Songwriter from Edinburgh, Scotland. Escher is a newcomer to the industry, open to experimentation and forging his own, independent path. His debut album, Wilderness, charts the beginning of this new adventure, in a cycle of life and art.

Escher grew up in Scotland, before leaving home at 15. Taking his guitar with him, Escher proceeded to document his life through poetry and music; visiting countless countries and experiencing their cultures. Through his early twenties he spent time honing his craft and became a multi-instrumentalist, learning no-less than eight instruments whilst on the road. These years were not without turbulence however; Escher's personal battle with anxiety played an enormous role in his inability to perform, often preferring to avoid the spotlight and privately continue to write poetry and music alone.

It was not until 2014, and a chance meeting with an old friend, that Escher started to seriously consider becoming a professional musician and started performing at local open mic nights in London to gain confidence as a performer; slowly working through his personal anxiety to craft his sound and performance.

In 2015, Escher decided to start to release his music publicly. He returned to Edinburgh to concentrate on his performing his music full-time and to start communicate his own personal journey through his debut album, Wilderness.

A solo-project, Wilderness explores a 3-week journey into the wild, a desperate search for salvation, for identity. Blending the melodic simplicity of the acoustic guitar with haunting vocals, stacked ambience and a solitary pulsing rhythm, Wilderness deftly navigates feelings of isolation, of survival and endurance.

Single tracks like Throne and Sink leave Escher’s vocal standing alone, accompanied by the acoustic guitar, looking for direction. Yet, never far away, the thread of graceful aura and rhythm. Other tracks like Mountain build steadily to a cacophony of delay and a single, pounding beat signaling a path, purpose and strength. In a live setting, Escher delivers his music in similar style; alone, raw and ethereal.

The debut album forms part of a three-album series which Escher will release over the next two years and support with an ongoing solo tour throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

Wilderness is out now.

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