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Sounds likeSløtface, Queens of the Stone Age, L7

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The Kraimspri gang have notched up shows the world over; ranging from their home country Norway to legendary CBGBs in New York City, Canada, Australia, China, Germany and the UK.

The music has been compared to Black Sabbath, Boss Hog, Courtney Barnett and L7. The band site their influences as far and wide as 30s blues, 50s rock and roll, 70s punk rock and 90s stoner sludge.

Earlier releases include their debut album Dirty White Lies (2008), followed by The Pussy Magnet EP (2011) and The Cock Fight Trilogy/minialbum (2014/2015). The band have slowly but surely built themselves a reputation as a ferocious, intense and exciting live-band, as well as getting their heads around this business that is music while all working full-time day jobs. Lately there's been more band and less time for work, which makes the 'spris very happy.

In 2017 the band have, amongst others, opened for US-bands Death Valley Girls (Burger Records) and Florida punk-veterans Against Me!, as well as releasing the critically acclaimed and radio-embraced single "You'd Better Listen". The band won the favor of major Norwegian summer festivals and spent the summer touring North-West-to-South-East Norway with their new songs and high-energy, tight-as-latex live shows alongside greats like Danko Jones, Turbonegro, Youngr and

The band are working on their next album and have singles, tours, videos and more planned for 2018 and beyond.

A little press love:

"Toy Boy is angry, impassioned rock at its most deliriously screeching apex." CMJ.com

"The deep guitar sound, the songs, the emotion, the variety and the voice, THAT voice." Cackblabbath.com

"Fusing together punk, grunge and alt-rock elements, the four-piece are out to captivate the world with their on-point, killer tracks" Big Cheese Magazine, UK

"Short but extreeeemely sweet. It's a punky but better than punk. It's a little poppy, but better than pop. It's got the perfect amount of aggression and is catchy as all hell" rakkfolk.no

"This Norwegian four-piece have an authentic punk belligerence to go along with their head-stomping, swinging tunes that sound like Future of the Left combined with the filthiest blues-rock imaginable." Terrorizor Magazine, UK

booking/contact: ladyluckrec@gmail.com

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