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Scorecard are an eccentric electro-pop duo made from singer Jack Stanton and producer Dom Kirtley.

Pairing Jack’s lyrical imagery of mythologised, cinematic adolescence with Dom’s mutated electronic production, they make vibrant, synth-lead pop with a modern edge - a bold new take on nostalgic sounds. Scorecard pull sonic elements from the past and combine them with contemporary electronica to deliver an endearingly unique statement.

Having just moved to London, Jack was on the lookout for collaborators to help perform the music he had been writing at art school. An introduction through a mutual friend lead him to Dom, who was studying Popular Music at Goldsmiths. Up until that point, the songs had only existed as rough demos, made entirely in-laptop. After trying out various line-ups, they eventually landed on the flexibility of a predominantly electronic approach, fuelled by Dom’s hardware synths.

While Jack’s songwriting influences are mostly rooted in 80s new wave (in particular - Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears and Kate Bush) his fandom for Swedish duo, The Knife inspired many of the sounds used in his early demos - infusing the tunes with a more contemporary electro vibe.

This aligned nicely with Dom’s love of left-field electronic music. Before meeting Jack, Dom was dividing himself between producing polished pop songs and writing more experimental dance music. Jack’s initial demos presented him with the perfect material to combine these two avenues. Then, through working together to develop the arrangements and record the songs, a more distinct and coherent fusion of their two sounds emerged.

Thematically, Jack's lyrics tend to explore narratives of adolescence. Typically drawing from classic coming-of-age stories found in television and cinema, he will often blend in his own formative experiences to create a personalised fiction.

‘The Belly of the Beast’ is Scorecard’s first single (releasing digitally 31st May). It’s a song about struggling to overcome both external and internal obstacles. To amplify the song’s atmosphere of competitive drama, the pair are cheered on by a chorus of cheerleaders. Lifted from the mythical world of the classic American teen movie, the cheerleaders’ chant (’Score! Score! Score!’) oscillates between encouragement and sarcasm. A compelling debut offering built around an irresistible synth bass riff - dark baritone vocals and anxious lyrics contrast with its enticing groove.

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