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Screamin' Whisper are an Edinburgh based Rock band made up of Songwriter Brian Hughes, Martin "Basser" McRib and drummer Zak "What?!?" Watt.

After forming in late 2015, the boys cobbled together a set of blues covers interspersed with originals and began building on the momentum built by Brian as a singer/songwriter on the local Scottish music scene. Although fortunately, due to two thirds of the band having made up the rhythm of a previous band, there was a solid base to work from and the band took shape quickly, soon being ready for the live circuit.

Working tirelessly to find their own sound, they soon had a set of original tunes and set about releasing their debut three track E.P in May 2016. Gigging heavily, around the U.K and Scotland in particular, they quickly became known for their energetic stage show and the unpredictable relationship between Brian and Martin, the identical twins on Vocals/Guitar and Bass respectively.

Following on from the success of their E.P in 2016, and with a reputation for strong songwriting and wild shows in the bag, the band caught the eye of Independent record label "Glum Gun Records" in early 2017. From here, with a deal signed, the band kept writing and gigging hard before beginning work on their debut full length offering "Filth".
Garnering positive reviews for its raw sound and faithfulness to the sound that the band achieve live, "Filth" was launched in May 2018, almost two years to the day of their first release as a tentative young band. After a sold out album launch party, the band capitalised by releasing a selection of the live tracks captured onto Spotify, making a bold statement as to how much they believe in their ability to impress in a live envirnment.

Moving from strength to strength, working on an ever growing live set and with some very quotable write ups sorted, Screamin' Whisper are slowly but surely building momentum. They are planning a 2018 tour and a follow up release for the coming 12 months. Keep up to date and stalk them on social media.
There will be a lot to talk about.

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