Sounds likeReal Estate, The Smiths, The Modern Lovers, JAWS, Whitney, The Magic Gang

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SEAFOAM are a newly formed, Bucks based 3 piece, featuring Jim Terrill on vocals and guitar, Ciaran Forth on drums and TJ on bass.

Their sound delivers a stripped back, song-focussed, indie dream-pop tone. With lyrics that reflect on lived in experiences with underlying themes of melancholy and escapism.

Some key influencers include artists such as The Modern Lovers, Real Estate, The Smiths, The Jam, Whitney and Neil Young to name but a few.

SEAFOAM’s first release, ‘Outside’ was recorded live during the middle of winter, at the site of a disused rocket testing facility. Despite this, the song and accompanying video emanate a light-heartedness that was present during the sessions. The band are currently in the process of DIY recording whilst setting up a base in Brighton. There are plans of a follow up release as well as a variety of shows throughout the summer of 2018.

With SEAFOAM being a newly formed band, they are far from new comers to the scene. The bands previous experience in a variety of bands has led to a more laid back approach with SEAFOAM. Taking the process as it comes whilst homing their craft around the UK.

The songs come naturally. Jim, Ciaran and TJ currently get together twice a week and jam it out in a room for a few hours, considering the melodies, structure and rhythm then Jim will go away and come up with the words. This has been the format for the past 6 months. Allowing the band to scope their sound, whilst playing a range of shows under different names to minimalise attention.

Most of the songs are about the everyday experiences we all face throughout our life's and the weird but wonderful feelings that you're faced with whilst in your 20's.

Being from the quiet areas of Buckinghamshire, its no place for a band with ambition. Theres Milton Keynes around the corner but it's quiet. Theres plans to shack up together in Brighton and start recording from the house, playing gigs on a daily bases and becoming established on a scene is the next step for SEAFOAM.




SEAFOAM's Next Gig

Date Wednesday 25 April 2018 at 20:00
Address The Horn, Victoria Street, St Albans, UK, AL1 3TE
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