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Semantics comprises of the darkly fascinating idiosyncrasies of members Bridie Green (Guitar), Rob Lilley (Vocals and Guitar), Simon Lees (Drums) and Josh RB (Bass).

''Instead of one person running the show, we write as a collaborative of 4 individuals, each with their own influences, ideas and emotions to convey through the music we create. As a result the sound is very much a product of these factors, and means the sound that reflects and manifests all of our collective influences and emotions we wish to convey. We believe wholeheartedly in not sharing or acknowledging our influences directly, but we sincerely welcome people to express an open interpretation of our sound, instead of us being put into a box beforehand.

''We're conscious of creating a fluid and dynamic creative environment/sound that reflects all four of us instead of one person, drawing on things that have inspired us from all manner of places, not just within the context of music.

''We want people draw their own values, ideas and themes from our songs and not tell them what to feel/think, as we all have different perceptions, ideas and experiences of the world around us.

''The songs are written collaboratively, with us all contributing ideas and chipping away at songs over a long period of time until they are the best version of the song they can possibly be, like us chipping away at a piece of marble and letting the song dictate its direction naturally.

''This idea of freedom of expression even goes for the recording process, videos, artwork etc. We want people that contribute to the band to be able to express themselves and be able to leave their mark in the creative process.''

Their debut EP was released on the 1st of July 2016 and was recorded and mixed over the course of 2015 with Ryan Pinson, with the artwork being contributed by Boston based artist Ash Rose. Upon its release it was described as being an ”opaque, but inviting, listen, creating swathes of mystery” (Counteract) and one that ”will shake those who seek 'a different sound’ to their core” (Quays News).

After a successful bout of headline shows and support slots with bands such as The Vryll Society, Holy Esque and Field studies, Semantics returned to the studio with Ryan Pinson and released their 2nd EP titled 'Acid Test' in September 2017, with artwork contributed by Jonathan Payne.

”For those who still associate Birmingham with the bright colours of B-Town, Semantics will offer plenty of food for thought – be careful, though, their jagged rhythms might leave quite a lump in the throat.” Louder Than War

''Don't expect a barrel of pop frivolity with Semantics.'' Little Indie Blogs

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