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Sounds likeBonobo, Moby, Massive Attack, Philip Glass
LocationNew York

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A Moldovan-born electronic music artist and producer, Serge Bulat is recognizable by his style that draws on such diverse genres as electronica, neo-classical, trip-hop, world, and experimental music.

Bulat became involved in music at a very early age, first playing the piano when he was just 7. His earliest inspirations included classical, folk, and electronica from the 90s.

As he matured and honed his skills, he started to develop a sound that he could call his own. Upon graduating from music school, where he majored in piano, Serge relocated to Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, to pursue a career in radio.

Bulat started working at one of the top radio stations in Europe, Europa Plus, making the switch to Radio 21 (Virgin Romania), which was at the time a smaller but fast-growing station. He became known as the host of multiple shows, two of which (Nisha and Ome DeLuxe) aired for 3 years and solidified his position in the music scene. Serge was working in local clubs simultaneously, and with the support from the radio station released two mixtapes.

With four years of experience, Serge decided to shift his attention to the Academy of Music, and in 2009, he moved again, this time to New York City. In New York, he has incorporated a high level of experimentation into his work, exploring new forms of remixing and sound design.

In 2014 Serge set his mind to Queuelbum, the debut record, which took more than two years to complete. The album evolved into an experiential audiovisual project and delivered 3 installations: "Walker", "Third World River" and "Queuelbum: A Music Guide To Time Travel", which were presented at the art festivals in more than 10 countries.

Queuelbum itself earned Bulat a major nomination at the 15th Annual Independent Music Awards. He won the award in November 2016, taking the trophy for Best Dance/Electronica Album of the Year.

In 2017 Serge released the "Third World Walker" EP, continuing to present the audiovisual installations in Europe and America until 2019.

Bulat's newest single "Yehy Vaya" is a collaboration with Mordovian folk band OYME (Deep Forest), and sung in the language of Erzya, to be released in 2019, the UN proclaimed International Year Of Indigenous Languages.

Serge Bulat is currently working on his follow-up record, inspired by cultures around the globe.

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