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Sounds likeWhitney, Vampire Weekend, The Velvet Underground
LocationBury St Edmunds

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Seth in Sweden is a project from 20 year old producer Seth - creating hazy, emotive, unconventional lofi indie - capturing the sound of a Swedish summer.

Uniquely choir-esque vocals intertwined with dreamy guitar lines make for a floaty listening experience - drawing influence from a mix of older artists such as The Velvet Underground and newer sounds from the likes of Connan Mockasin.

Seth isn't actually in Sweden, but instead the UK. With everything you hear coming straight out of the bedroom. Being all written, recorded, performed and mixed by Seth alone makes for a feeling of nostalgia and solitude.


LAKE TAPE is my debut 7 track EP, following up from my debut single release ‘For You’.

The tape/EP is built up from a collection of songs that have gathered on my laptop over the past year. Some being pretty old, some being pretty new. Scheduled for release on August 20th, the songs explore the sound of summer, the care-free highs and the solemn lows.

The EP is largely built around basic guitar chord progressions, but provocatively introduces choir-like vocals, unexpected elements of bossa-nova percussion, catchy melodies and a variety of instruments from flutes and synthesizers, to orchestral strings and chimes.

What's next?

Looking to the future I plan to keep releasing music whenever I feel inspired, as I feel this is the best way. I've started exploring more with ambient sounds and synthesisers already; recording simple sounds from around the house. I made a drum-kit sample pack out of my acoustic guitar by hitting it in different spots, almost breaking it at one point - It's just fun to work with a new medium I don't have much experience in, as you can approach it from so many different angles. So I'll continue to find things I'm not comfortable with and try incorporating them into new music.

I also play in KYANOS, a psychedelic 4 piece that crafts more jazz orientated soundscapes. For 2019 we have a whole bunch of singles planned for release after spending a week in Normandy working with the legendary James Sanger.

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