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"The returned Gifts" are a collective of musicians emerging from the ashes of the indie B-town scene in the heart of the UK. Fronted by Singer Shaun Kelly.

It’s fair to say Shaun Kelly has been around the block in his bizarre career…

From being asked to collaborate with music legend Andy Taylor of Duran Duran to musing on how to apply makeup before a gig in port-a-loo meeting with madcap 60s legend Arthur Brown, to providing the musical entertainment for his sister in law’s night on “Come Dine with Me”. Which she won.

The debut single instantly made single of the week on the James Whale Radio Show.
Next came national coverage on BBC TV and radio for the next releases with another tune being showcased on the ground breaking TV series “Civilisations” on BBC1.
BBC Radio Wales and Ulster also got on board followed by support from BBC introducing which lead to live sessions on BBC London and BBC RADIO West Midlands and BBC Hereford and Worcester.
The debut LP “the boy on the bench” has been highly praised in the UK music press as well as catching the ear of a host of influential websites and bloggers.
Live shows across the UK festival scene last summer also set the bar for what to expect when the boys pick up their instruments and head for the road.
“The gifts are an eclectic mix of Folk, Indie, Americana, Country and EDM that transcends identity but roosts in the familiar resonant tones of Shaun Kelly’s warm harmonic melodies. Songs of spirited sign along highs and crepuscular intense lyrical content and atmosphere.”

“A real Gem”

“Who knew that people still made albums like this?”

“a graceful and deft collection of songs”

“A future classic”



“The Boy on the Bench’ is a wide-ranging and accomplished album that packs a fair few decent tunes. There’s a certain charm to Kelly’s varied musical approach, which spans choppy guitars and buoyant acoustic strums and a whole lot more between. An admirably versatile musician, who showcases an eclectic and compelling range here. It may be a gift you’d prefer to keep.”
“The Boy on the Bench is a richly diverse, collision of styles and substance, chock full of foot tappers and sing-a-longs. Together, it makes up a damn fine debut by Shaun Kelly & The Returned Gifts.”

Slap Magazine

"Cadillac is, what we would call, a real gem! Electrifying guitar & vocal deliveries - superbly complimented by that horn section - I am on the trip of a lifetime!"
Way out Radio
“An Album that constantly delivers on all fronts.”

R2 Rock and Reel Magazine

“Following the brilliant 'Cadillac' Kelly and his gifts are back with this simple but jaunty indie number with a fun, catchy chorus and a delightful upbeat vibe. Nice.”
(7/10) - kpbsblogspot.com

“Bright and enthusiastic melodic pop – excellent playing and songs that really catch the ear. What’s not to like?”

Music news.com

“I just can't help swinging along to this one - it sounds so light - making it a very desirable track.”
Way out radio

“A great album on all levels, great songs, great musical vision, infectious, memorable and great fun.”

Dancing About Architecture

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