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Sounds likePavement, Speedy Ortiz, The Fall, Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo

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Sick Bookies are 4 people from around Lincolnshire in England. They play shonky rock music. Sometimes it's a 4 minute twisting pop song, sometimes it's a 10 minute krautesque psych out.. either way it's always a bit ear-melting.

October 19th 2018 welcomes the release of 'Ad Nauseam' the 3rd album of 'normal-er' songs. A pack of 11 pieces of music that are scratching their heads at this world.

The music they make is without pretension but also boundless and without genre barrier. Over the course of a few years they music they have released has been from one extreme to another, from the more palatable 4 minute indie-rock, to taking influences of krautrock, post-rock, lo-fi, afrobeat, shoe gaze, noise-rock, new-psychedelia, avant-garde, musique concrete, ambient, even jazz. I'm sure that makes you think, what a load of cack, it's all done with a nudge and wink, DIY, transparent, without showbiz, an image or a 'haircut'. Genuine exploration of music within limitations. You know what we mean. But importantly and beautifully Sick Bookies can find themselves in any live situation, whether it's a room full of indie kids bouncing on a sticky floor, or 50 people in an art space losing people in their thoughts they find the right ear space.

Since getting there sh*t collectively together in 2013, Sick Bookies have released 2 double albums of experiments, improvisations and explorations ('Volume Won' and 'Volume To') with more planned.

These explorations informed and guided the material for the albums 'Magnet Hopeless' and 'Analogue Viral'. Two albums of user friendly rock songs (with a few diversions) that wow audiences and know-it-all's alike, receiving airplay on BBC6Music's Steve Lamacq, Gideon Coe and Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone and in 2017, 'Analogue Viral' was selected by Jagged Skyline Recordings for their Official Cassette Store Day release.

"The music that the band produces is intricate and loose to the extent of falling apart. Yet they always pick it back up when needed and continue to show the endless possibilities they have with their art“
- Ioan Humphreys, LouderThanWar.com

“Rather good, I think”
- Gideon Coe, BBC6music

“Great album”
- Stuart Maconie

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