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SICK started in 2018 with Luke Daley and various associates founding the band with only three members and no bass player. Luke originally sang and did not play drums, although he had played drums separately in other musical projects.

SICK essentially formed properly upon Luke deciding to take a different approach to singing. Without any other drummer available, he began to sing and drum and has not looked back ever since.

Today, SICK are a full lineup of a band. David Bareham is a frequent songwriter and rhythm guitarist, Josh Thorley is a bass player with a presence like no other; and Max McGrath is the newest, yet one of the most energetic members of the band.

SICK have played in Liverpool and Chester and aim to gig in Manchester, Wigan and beyond. They plan to release a single in the near future and are working on releasing an EP in the summer of 2019.

SICK play a style of rock music they term 'Speed Rock'. In between metal and hard rock in terms of heaviness/thickness of sound, SICK do not identify as a metal band and make sure to avoid the tag. Speed Rock is akin to Speed Metal in relation to Heavy Metal, but instead of its slower counterpart being Heavy Metal, it is Heavy/Hard Rock. Henceforth Speed Rock.

SICK's style of Speed Rock is constituted by both the unconventional band lineup and also their focus on establishing the new genre. SICK manage to play incredibly fast without delving into metal, as they avoid blast beats or shredding riffs. Instead Luke plays conventionally, almost like a Hard Rock record sped up, and the band keep pace. Josh and Dave often support the lead guitar with rapid but not brief backing guitar and bass. Max's swift yet comprehensive guitar skills often take centre stage; not being too short but not taking up full minutes. Luke sings in a distinctive Scouse accent about a multitude of subjects - varying from Plane Crashes to Gambling.

SICK do not write about or intend to hint at explicit themes or subjects, and the band is strictly apolitical with individual members holding opinions that do not reflect the overall views of SICK.

We're SICK and we play Speed Rock.

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