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Sounds likestone roses, dma's, kasabian, oasis, gerry cinnamon
LocationWest Yorkshire

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Multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter producer from Huddersfield West Yorkshire. Making his debut with single 'This Moment' a composition written, performed, mixed and mastered by one Simon Hall. It is the first in a series of singles he will be releasing in 2019.

Hall began playing the drums aged 8. He then began to explore other instruments, and by the tender age of 16 years old had become accomplished in guitar, bass, piano and singing.

At 17 he moved from his home in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire to London. Here in the capital, he began work as an intern at renowned independent label Ninja Tune Records. Simon was exposed to many different forms of music during his time here. Whilst working in the distribution centre of the company, Hall began his first ventures into writing and music production. He subsequently managed to secure a recording session, playing bass with label boss and one half of electronic music legends Coldcut; Jon More.

Once his internship had come to a healthy close, Hall then travelled to Portugal in 2016 where he spent the best part of the next 3 years playing acoustic guitar and singing in the bars and clubs of the Algarve.

Upon returning to England, Simon threw himself into songwriting - composing, performing, producing and mastering all of his own material.

As well as the music, Simon is in all aspects a definite artist. From his photography skills seen on the cover art for his latest single 'This Moment' to the design of the cover itself, Hall has an eye for design both sonically and visually which are both so beautifully intertwined. Hall wishes to use these talents and implement them into the world of fashion through his ever expanding portfolio of streetwear designs.

With future singles, music videos and live shows already in the making, 2019 is shaping up to be a significant year in this young artist's career.

Simon Hall's debut single 'This Moment' is available to listen both on YouTube and SoundCloud and will be available for streaming on all major platforms in the very near future. For updates, follow @simonhall93 on all social medias.

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