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Sleepless Ocean is a chilled music, art, and poetry project, driven by themes of nature and acoustic instruments.

The project started out of my love for nature and relaxing music, and my desire to put the sounds in my head out for the world to hear. It's not for everyone, some may even hate it, but it's about the journey of creating it that drives me.

What saddens me is the effect we have on the world ... everything is so fast ... everyone is trying to get from point A to B and doesn't really take in any of the sights along the way! Everyone suffers in the long run because of this and the world cries in its own way. Part of this is conveyed in my music.

Growing up, I was a big fan of Enigma, so some inspiration has been taken from that project. But I also grew up listening to Oasis, Blur, U2, and later Coldplay. Listening to the textures used in their music, I began to dream of what I wanted to convey to the world ... and here it is ... Sleepless Ocean!

You will notice that drums are not incorporated on the first album and will not be used on the second. This is because a beat sometimes distracts the intended message of the music. Moving forward, drums will be used, but in a strict manner.

I hope you enjoy the project as much I enjoy working on it! Moving forward, I have so many un-recorded tracks that will make it onto future albums! I record fast and try to get as much in the smallest amount of time, so you will see more music coming in the months and years to come!

Just a word of warning, like Enigma, I do not tour the albums! Apologies in advance for this, but due to work commitments, finding the time is hard. The odd acoustic show is done, which I will notify you about when it happenning!

Do you have any questions for me? I can be contacted by my main website (http://www.sleeplessocean.com) and my facebook page (which can be found on this profile). I will always aim to get back to you as soon as possible!

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