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Sounds likeblink-182, Millencolin, Alkaline Trio

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Snap Out are a band based in London.

Snap Out mashes the power of rock, the fun of pop punk and the rawness of grunge into energetic and powerful songs. Basically the sound of pop punk and grunge having intercourse.

We first became a band in 2012 when we had some pretty cool gigs, recorded a couple of EPs and just had an awesome time. Unfortunately due to our drummer pursuing a career in science, we had a halt activities cause the band just didn't feel right without him.

In the beginning of 2018, we ended up getting back together just before he moved to Japan to do more science stuff. We played some cool gigs again, had some more fun and now with his blessing, decided to carry on with the band and a new drummer.

So here we are now with this new album ready to be released and we just wanted to share it with the world. We want as many people as possible to listen to this record as we've never been more proud of anything we have ever made.

Our brand new record is based on Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Yup, you read that correctly.

Now. That might sound ridiculous, but we used plot lines from 12 Arnie movies to help us get inspired and we think the result might surprise you. If you're thinking this will be a silly comedic album with geeky lyrics, you would be very wrong.

The album features everything from fast punk rock sing-a-longs to emotional ballads and hard rock bangers.

Snap Out may be a small band still after all these years and one hiatus later, but we have a big heart. We love this band to death and want nothing more than to have everyone hear our music. Even if they think we suck, for people to just hear us means the absolute world to us.

This coming summer we plan on releasing a whole bunch of extra content to support our new album release and we plan on playing a whole load of shows across the UK also!

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Date Thursday 10 January 2019 at 19:00
Address New Cross Inn, New Cross Road, London, UK, SE14 6AS
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