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Socket are made up of two cousins and their drummer friend. As kids, Ben and Aid were inseparable and now that they're all grown up, their passions have changed from wanting to be Spider-Man to wanting to be the next big UK indie band. This idea became more realised after Ben met Reece at music college and, after a brief emo-rock phase, Ben was able to convince Reece to use his drumming talents in pursuit of the indie dream.

Since bursting on the South West music scene with their self titled debut EP, Socket quickly made a name for themselves by winning the local battle of the bands competition and playing the likes of Fieldview Festival and Volksfest. They have supported their local recording studio, Riverbank Studios, since the bands inception and are planning to continue performing and recording with them for the foreseeable future.
Socket have supported many up and coming bands such as Redfaces, The Vim Dicta and Jordan Allen and they were also shortlisted for Truck Festival and Y Not Festival. They've recently begun a promising relationship with promotion company Scruff of the Neck and are looking to play a big part in the Summer 2018 Festival season.

After releasing the music video for their brand new single "Tip of my Tongue", Socket have managed to accumulate over 25,000 plays on Spotify alone and are beginning to build a dedicated fan base.

"It has to be said, you’d be insane not to get into this." - The Ocelot Magazine

"A combination of the same modish urges that The Libertines found in the skip outside Paul Wellers house mixed with some more contemporary found sounds from the commercial end of rock" - The Swindonian

Socket take their influences from icons of the garage indie scene such as The Strokes and The Libertines whose lo-fi sound helped revolutionise the way the boys thought about music production and performance. They wear their inspirations on their sleeve on the new single "Tip of my Tongue" and hope to rekindle the UK's love for boyish charm and indie tunes.

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Date Tuesday 12 December 2017 at 19:00
Address The Crofters Rights, Stokes Croft, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS1 3RW
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