Sounds likeNirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains
LocationLeighton Buzzard

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Spacejunkie are an Alternative/Grunge/Space Rock band from Leighton Buzzard, UK.

Since 2006, founding members Jackson Willmott and Mark Morris have written, recorded and performed together in numerous capacities.

The final iteration of the band, featuring Kayleigh Chambers on drums and Charlou Greenidge on bass, hones and perfects the band's vision to create an atmospheric sound with pop-song catchiness and alternative ideals.

The band members, whom are all multi instrumentalists have gained followers in the rock scene in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas and perform because they love music and want to share their passion with like minded people.
They create a similar sound to Nirvana which the audience enjoy.

The band started rehersing together in 2016, and were soon doing a few local gigs in Leighton Buzzard. Although they are new to the local music scene, they have ventured throughout Bedfordshire and Herfordshire. Even though they are all dedicated to their full time jobs, they will always find the time to play. Kayleigh and Jackson were married in 2017. They and Charlou are all very good friends with similar hobbies - which basically consists of anything that's considered geeky to do! They have many things in common, and so it's not all about music. Because of this, they have good chemistry and trust each other.
Whilst Kayleigh can play a few instruments, she has only recently took to the drums - with Jackson as her drumming tutor. She has been playing for a total of 2 years which will come as a surprise for anyone who has seen her perform.
Jackson was initially a drummer, but he wanted to learn to play lead guitar and has been very successful with that. He has a very unique playstyle which is an enjoyment to watch.
Charlou is a self taught musician who was inspired by her musician school friends. Although she first picked up a guitar...She has since gone down the road of several other instruments including the drums and piano and writes her own music for her own leisure. She is considering the purchase of a Saxophone next which will be her next learning curve!
Music has been a big part of all of their lives and their inspirations include Muse, Nirvana, Metallica, Paramore and also some 80s inspired rock music.

With some new songs in the making, the band will be performing some of their new material with all members playing a different instrument. They may even perform a song with a female lead vocalist to add diversity to their set list.

Spacejunkie released their debut album Space1989 in 2017. The album is available for purchase on many streaming platforms and to download. You can also purchase this in a standard CD form.
The band will be working on some music videos to accompany this release.

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Date Saturday 10 February 2018 at 20:00
Address The Horn, Victoria Street, St Albans, United Kingdom, AL1 3TE
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