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'Walking the wire between 90s influence and modern pop, Split The Dealer's sound is fundamentally honest. Working with beautiful restraint and explosive passion, emotional lyrics and cutting edge production, Split The Dealer is one to watch'

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I started creating music about 10 years ago, when I was 15. I never had any lessons, but I was always drawn to anything musical. Wether it was drumming on shoe boxes at 4 years old, or playing on a guitar with 3 strings I got from a car boot sale, I had to play it.

I used to be a solo artist under my real name, until a few years back, when I started a duo called Ciircus Street with my mate Jim, and we did that until February this year (2019).

After Ciircus Street split, I took some time out, just to solidly write and find my sound, which was the advice of one of the Ciircus Street managers. That was honestly some of the best advice I could have been given, I was so ready to just put the first song I wrote out, and now that's firmly in the bin, so it's good I didn't release it haha.

I hit up Clem Cherry, an engineer at Eastcote studios, and worked with him, and also Stu and Rory, (the drummer and bass player in Ciircus Street) to build a song I had called 'Dirty Birdy' from an acoustic song, into a full track.

I continued to write, and built a live set, along with the studio recording I had, it was time to film a live session to kick off 'Split The Dealer'

I worked with Dann Emmons, a very talented videographer/director, and filmed a stripped back version of Toxicity by System of a Down. That got shared on UNILAD sound, which was so sick, and that really helped kick off my new project!

I'm currently sitting on the new single, preparing for the release, and getting ready to film a new live session for that.

I really want to save as much as I can, and give Dirty Birdy the best release I can.

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