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Born November 6th, 1991, SS Lenox, (formally Stay Solid Lenox) is an American wordsmith, writer, designer, and curator from Hammond, IN. He is the creator of Trilliana 500, a springtime arts showcase/concert series held in Bloomington, IN. He is also a Co-Founder of Stay Solid Organization Prod. Company and Management Group. After releasing several mixtapes and a breakout EP, Lenox intends to take the current rap game by storm with his mesmerizing wordplay, versatility, and substance.

SS Lenox began writing at the age of 12. By age 15 he was confident enough to start recording, and was already sitting on several notebooks of material. With nothing but a karaoke microphone and Audacity recording software for Windows, he put together his first couple of tracks. After sharing his music with several close friends and classmates, they suggested he join the marching band, which he later did his sophomore year in high school. Coming from a city where dreams rarely come true, Lenox was careful not to share his plans and goals with everyone. Instead, he helped plenty of other young artists at his school find their voice, not only by writing songs for them, but also by inviting them over to record.

Although he knew he had a natural talent for songwriting, Lenox didn't start taking real steps towards a professional music career until he got to Indiana University, where he studied telecommunications and business marketing, hoping to learn about the more intricate production and business processes and practices that would help propel him as an artist. He focused heavily on networking, which resulted in him partnering with several business start-ups while in school. Whether it was testing a phone application, or acting as a cameo in short-films, Lenox was always readily available to collaborate with other creators. Thus, collaborative productions became somewhat of a specialty for him. Upon graduating in 2015, he relocated to Indianapolis, IN where he worked closely with his older cousin, who is also an artist, producer, and engineer.

In May 2016, SS Lenox released his first official project titled the Throw Shine EP. Shortly after, he was invited to his first big gig in Indianapolis hosted by DJ Champ, who is currently Gucci Mane's official DJ. This helped Lenox plant good seeds for an organic fanbase, rooted in the midwest.

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